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Garage doors are one of the most important personal investments in homes, and modern, practical and aesthetic models that protect cars against adverse climatic conditions and theft are presented in designs that are suitable for residential construction.

Garage doors are products that are subject to different models and manufacturing styles.
• Mechanism must have appropriate strength to keep up with the proper door system.
• Firmalar reinforces the products they have by taking the engines from the producers during their production.
• In this work, it is possible to benefit from the control system or sensors, depending on the characteristics of the motor, the mechanism and the door.
• In the models where the main mechanism is usually fixed, it is combined with the main mechanism by adjusting the dimensions of the spatial parts by taking measurements during installation.
• Assembly is completed due to parts joined with motor.
• The design of the product to be manufactured, the drawing of the electrical schematic, and the step-by-step development of the determination of the required power and byproducts.
• Color and parts will be adjusted according to the model you choose and simple and easy installation phase will be done.
• If you want to buy and use products without any problems, you should choose the products of companies with TSE and ISO documents which are suitable for technical rules.

Thanks to their ease of use, our lives are different, and the automatic garage door models are also different in terms of their features. Thanks to these features, you are able to use them safely. When you want to do something like this, you have to meet certain standards.
• To keep you and your loved ones safe, you must use doors and motors that comply with these standards.
• All parts, including the automatic garage door motor control panel, must be inside the motor vehicle and there should be no outdoor product.
• The door motor must be at the proper load lifting power. Otherwise, you will often encounter serious problems.
• The automatic garage door motor system must be powered and protected by electrical voltage.
• Must have a current in the direction of 24 V DC.
• It must be at least 85% during 1 hour of continuous operation.
• Standard system engines require a fluid to feed the motor in case of power failure.
• Additional manual intervention is required.
• For safety reasons, there must be motion sensors between the two areas and motion must be stopped when the vehicle or another object passes.

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