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Automatic Shutter Systems

It is the most aesthetic automatic door solution you can use especially for your workplace safety. In commercial areas, steel or aluminum rolling shutter applications become important both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Automatic shutters have become the first preferred shutter system for shops, garages and workplaces in recent years. Automatic shutter systems are used today to ensure the safety of your homes, garages and workplaces. Shutter is a wing system made of sheet metal. Automatic roller shutters, motorized shutters, controlled shutters, stainless shutters are also preferred. Automatic Shutters are divided into Steel and Aluminum. It is preferred for the purpose of use.

Automatic Shutter Locks are produced with special coding system, so it is only safe to open them with the control of the user.
* Automatic Shutters are deterrent against thieves by their robustness.
* Automatic shutters do not have an ordinary appearance like old type shutters. Your workplace is prestigious with its cool and stylish appearance.
* It saves time and energy because it opens and closes in a short time.
* As it is completely closed, there are models with automatic shutter blind holes. With these perforated models, you can even expose some of your products even when your business is turned off.
* The doors and windows of your workplace, shop or shop provide protection from rain, weather, aggression and fighting.

Automatic Shutter Systems

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