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Barrier systems are the fastest and most effective way to prevent unauthorized entry, to control entry and exit. Blocking it using barrier systems to keep vehicle inlets out of areas where vehicle entry is unwelcome is extremely important for both life and property safety.

It is usually used in car parks or in facilities that do not require high security.
Applicable product options available for all input-output operating densities.
It is resistant to environmental conditions. Choosing the right product can get a working temperature range of -30 ° C to + 55 ° C.
The barrier opening time varies between 1 and 10 seconds depending on the arm length and the selected mechanism.
Products available with 24 V or 220 V are available.
Supply and installation time varies between 2 and 6 working days, depending on the product specifications requested.
The desired color can be manufactured.
It works with electromechanical system. It is controlled by remote control and button.
It is suitable for any kind of electronic access control system.
In the case of power failure, the engine can be opened and closed manually.

Hydraulic Mushroom Barrier Systems are cylinder systems which are located at the entrance and exit points of the places where high security is required and which are operated by hydraulic principle which prevents malicious vehicle entries at the entrance area. The Mushroom Barrier system can consist of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 synchronized Baba sets connected to a control panel. System can work integrated with Remote Control, card reader, Automatic Pass System. The most important feature of the system is the interchangeable structure of the traffic sarcophagus of 3 cm wall thickness which is put on the steel, and the first day view of the material is provided by changing the image pollution shirt which is formed as a result of wear or breakage that may occur over time. System HGS System can work integrated with card system.

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