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Photocell door systems are used for many purposes. For example, it is possible to use it in buildings, apartments, shopping malls, parks, gardens, villas, industry, hospitals, universities, factories, modern buildings.

Photocell sliding door systems are different from the materials used in the system as indoor environment application and outdoor environment application. Photocell sliding door systems are suitable solutions for entry and exit, with quick opening feature to minimize time loss. In photocell systems, sliding doors have automatic sensors. We offer our customers with different alternatives according to their usage characteristics.

Technical Specifications / Technicial Specifications
Microprocessor quality / The microprocessor unit
Automatically opening and closing automatically Waiting times for automatic shutdown (0-60 sec) / Waiting time for automatic closing (0-60 sec)
Microwave or infared radar sensor opening / Opening the microwave or infrared radar sensor
Safety photocell / Safety photocell
Button control / Button control
120-450 kg door weight carrying capacity / 120-450 kg door weight carrying capacity Clear entry opening up to 3000mm / 3000 mm input aperture
1.4 m / s double wing opening speed / 1.4 m / sec, double wing opening speed
Possibility of manual use in emergencies (manual opening) / The possibility of using manually in emergency (manual opening)
Special profile, roving and brush system that protects the environment from dust and other external factors. / Custom profiles, seals and brush systems that protects the environment from dust and other external factors.

Options / Options
Electronic locks / Electronic locks
Panic Exit System "/ For straight sliding" Panic Exit System "
Battery that enables the door to acclimate during power cuts / Battery enables the door to get the power failure Color alternatives / Color alternatives
Different glass options
All access control options / Full access control option

Photocell Door Systems

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